Friday, 28 January 2011

adventures in sock making


This is the result of my first attempt to knit in the round. Semi-successful: warm but wonky.

I started these socks in December, but after knitting the first one I decided that I wanted to make another pair for Danni, so I interrupted the project in order to finish the second pair in time for Christmas. This might have been a bit of an error as once I returned to my initial pair I must have been more relaxed with my stitching (less tense = less tension) and ended up knitting a much wider sock. So now I have one sock that fits me, and one sock that would be more suitable for bigfoot.

I will continue to wear them though. To protect my toes from frostbite. And maybe next time I'll make a neater pair of socks. I just bought this book which I hope will be a big help in refining my skills.

sock details


Peas and Needles said...

these are lovely Deb! Please can you teach me how to knit on the round, it drives me mad! x

d e b b i e said...

Thanks Lucy. It is much easier than it looks I assure you - and means there is less sewing up and finishing off to do at the end (which drives me mad!).
Maybe I'll try a hat next...x

chelsea said...

Too cute and very lovely!

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claire platt said...

they look lovely! socks are fun!

denise said...

these are so cute! i love knitting socks, but it's so hard to get the perfect size!