Wednesday, 5 January 2011

a year in knit

Last year was a productive year for wool craft. I finally mastered the art of knitting clothing and learnt how to crochet more than simple blanket squares.

I made: my first cardigan, a warmer cardigan, many crochet flowers, a lace collar, a jumper, a diary, a crochet shawl for mother, some mini scarves for cats, my favourite blue cardigan, a 1-day bobble hat and one and a half pairs of socks.

Despite vowing to knit a bit less often, I still want to try out some new things in the coming months, so have a couple of knitting resolutions to add to the list for 2011:

• A fair isle jumper. I got this magazine (with patterns) for Christmas. So colourful & exciting.
• Some cable knit - I've heard from many sources that this is easier than it looks.
• Knitted bunting (because I must use up all those odds and ends from my wool basket).

But first, tax return...


Blogger said...

wow! lots of knitting debbie. looking forward to the fair isle jumper. x

A Year in Eggs said...

Debbie look how amazing all your knit wear projects look. I don't think you should knit less I think you should knit more!