Wednesday, 16 February 2011

night school

test prints

Last week I began a short evening course in soft woodcut and vinyl printing and I'm really enjoying it. It's lovely to be able to do some hands-on making after a day of working in front of a computer.

The prints shown above are the mini test pieces I created last week - one in wood and one in vinyl. I feel like I should really embrace the natural feel and texture of the wood, but I found the vinyl so much easier to carve.

Tonight I ate shortbread and worked on a jigsaw print which I'm really pleased with - I especially enjoyed playing around with different colours and chine-collé effects. And next week I might try a reduction print - although I fear this may be a hard method to grasp.

Fingers crossed!

ps. Some of my daffodils are now saying hello.

1 comment:

claire platt said...

you can do it! if i can teach 16 year olds how to do it I've no doubt you'll master it!