Sunday, 27 February 2011


plate print

Here are the results from printing class number two.

I carved this jigsaw print in vinyl. As you can see I forgot to think about the fact that the print is the reverse of what is carved, so I have a back-to-front place setting. Maybe one for the left-handed folks out there?

I'm really happy with how this print turned out - I got to try a few different colour combinations and tried separating out the pieces of the jigsaw as well as printing them together.

This week I did a reduction print, which was semi-successful. I got a bit carried away with my first layer of carving so there wasn't much to work with in the end. A good learning curve though.

I've only got one lesson left as I'm skipping a week to hop over to Ireland, but I'm planning to play more with chine-collé in lesson number four as I really like both the simplicity and the outcome of adding paper shapes of colour. Très bon.


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Freshly Found said...

So pretty. It's alwaya been a dream of mine to do some hand printing