Thursday, 7 December 2006

an awards ceremony

yesterday it was the private view and presentation ceremony for the V&A illustration awards which was all very exciting.

i received the award of 'commended winner' in the student illustrator category for my origami animation. i was given a nice scroll with a certificate (and a cheque) and it was all very nice. though i am not too sure that i looked that good in the photos that were taken when i received the award - dear me, i do hope they are not shown anywhere where lots of people might see them.

the waiters at the private view were very efficient. they kept offering us more wine every few minutes - its a good thing i was sensible and didn't accept it every time or i'd have been on the floor by the end!

the main winner in the student category, chu-li chen, has just finished an MA in sequential design at brighton university (i think i may even remember seeing the work when i went to visit the MA show a few weeks ago) - which is the course i am planning to apply to for next year so that bodes well if the course is producing some nice work (that's also winning awards).

the overall winner of the whole awards is tony angell who illustrated a book entitled 'in the company of crows' <-- his illustrations of birds were soooooo nice i am not suprised it won. it was lovely to see. the exhibition is up until march next year so i'm sure you'll all want to hotfoot it up there for a peek, heh:

in the news

i have also now got my hands on a copy of the southampton daily echo from last week (now i know i've hit the big time), which had a little feature about my button phobia books in it .

it was part of a larger article about a button phobia sufferer and it was rather nice to see my books mentioned in a paper. it's mainly thanks to colette over at artists unique (formerly student unique) who put together a press release about my books.

anyway, enough about me....have a look at this flickr group dedicated to the age concern 'knitted hats' campaign by innocent smoothies. there are some wonderful photos of the hats people have knitted AND they are giving away prizes at the end for the nicest photos entered - what a jolly good idea!


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