Wednesday, 13 December 2006

what have i been up to?

why, making christmas decorations of course...

aren't they lovely - the patterns were by jean greenhowe (as are a lot of cute knitted things) ---> they are rather delightful and a super thing to hang on the tree.

i can't decide which one is my favourite - but there is something very nice about the little choir boy (i think it's his hair!)

unfortunately my own christmas tree will be missing out on such delights as they have all been sent off to the far corners of the world (well... brighton, birmingham, bath and cardiff) for other people to enjoy...i hope they like their new homes.

here is the little christmas card i made to accompany them:

i haven't totally neglected my own christmas tree though and have been making some other decorations with which to adorn it...i'll post some pics of them soon. we are putting our tree up tonight which is quite exciting - christmas is v.v.near now!


1 comment:

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