Friday, 1 December 2006

run rabbit, run

watch this

it's a real nice animation by run wrake entitled 'rabbit'.

here's what they have to say about it on the animate! website:

A selection of 1950s educational stickers, discovered in a provincial junkshop twenty years ago, provide the ingredients for this adult fairytale.
When a boy and girl find an idol in the stomach of a rabbit, its magical abilities lead to riches, but for how long?

I really loooove the way it was put together, and the story is quite charming too - though i am not sure how much i agree with the hacking up of rabbits and cows - those horrible horrible children, heh. i'm glad they get their come-uppance!



derek mok said... do u actually watch the animations? i clicked on them and nothing happens......??????

deb said...

o derek you silly - are u trying to click on those pictures? for they are just screenshots.

the link is the bit saying 'watch this'

here it is again just for you:

rabbit animation