Wednesday, 29 November 2006


<----------- look what i got

one of those darling innocent smoothies with the bobble hats - i was very lucky as well as it was the only one left at the time. (i was a tad disappointed because i wanted another but i'll keep my eyes peeled for more)

i really wanted to get involved with making the little hats but i only found out about the project just before the deadline. they are being sold with innocent smoothies to help out the charity age concern and each of the little hats has been hand knitted and sent in by helpful little knitters throughout the country. there is a pattern telling you how to knit them on the innocent website if you want to try your hand at it - i hope they do this project next year too (because i know they did it last year) and then i can knit knit knit for charity.
i really do like innocent smoothies - they are nice and fun and playful - now i just want MORE little hats.

what other news do i have?

o yes, i have discovered this new range of penguin books that are being sold with blank covers for people to design themselves and send in to the gallery. which i think is a super nice idea (if not an easy way for the designers at penguin to avoid doing much work, heh).

i want to have a go.



Anonymous said...

aww how delightful, i did not even know they were being released with bobble hats, i want one! x x
p.s. i changed my blog again. last time i promise! it is now a lovely quote from painting the roses red in alice in wonderland.

derek mok said...

i tried to type earlier but it wont sign me in.....anyway....i think those smoothies thing looks like those milk bottles u suck when ur a baby....?!

o and i wanna do the penguin thing that what the computers are for?