Tuesday, 28 November 2006

knitted something

i wanted to try knitting something without following a pattern as i really really want to be able to invent nice knitted things. so here is my first attempt - don't ask what it is. my mum kept asking me what i was knitting and i just kept saying 'a thing' as i wasn't even sure what it would look like. and yup, i realise it looks quite deranged, which is probably mostly due to the mouth i stitched onto him (i thought wonky features may suit him though)

i don't know quite what i was trying to achieve with that second image but i thought i'd post it up because it is quite delightfully coloured.

i feel quite inspired to try and invent something better than this now (surely it can't be too hard) and i have a couple of things up my sleeve...i'd better get knitting. ---> i really should finish off some of the things i have started knitting and never completed (there are two scarves and a hat on the go at the moment) but they just don't seem nearly as interesting right now. i also have some xmas related things in mind.

gosh! lots to do.


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Anonymous said...

i think it looks like teeth with eyes.......i thought it was some sort of root veg!!! no?