Monday, 27 November 2006

show & tell

i thought i'd post some pictures of some of the nice things i have come across over the weekend.

firstly whilst out hunting in charity shops on saturday for some new necklaces (which are yet to be found) i came across this beaut of a flower press which i couldn't resist buying.

i already have quite a few flower presses - think i will start collecting nice ones like this. i do have a HUGE one somewhere (in the loft i think) and that one is definately a keeper.
what else? o yes, i got a lovely gift from rach who popped off to lille on friday for a chistmas market. such a nice little tea jug.

and lastly here is a birthday card i made for a friend. i got in a bit of a sticky mess with the felt and it looks a lot like a child made it...but that is probably a good look i reckon.


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