Tuesday, 7 November 2006

i made something

he is an owly and has been named 'early' (somewhat accidentally) by derek.
i made him from a pattern found on lizette greco's flickr blog

he did not come out quite as planned as i am not too pro at following patterns yet - he is a bit tatty + i had to give him button eyes to make him look more approachable after i bodged them.
but it all adds to his character i suppose, and as he is one of my first attempts at making a soft toy i think he is pretty acceptable - he is going to perch happily on my shelves today.

there is also a flickr group dedicated to the little owly's, have a look at them all --> here

on another note...

while browsing the web this morning i found the blog/portfolio website of kate copeland, a foundation student from south devon college - and guess what? she had a link to my site on her page.
it was a really nice find, it's great to know that someone is a fan of my work. so have a peek at kate's site, she has some nice embroidery work there and i am sure there is a lot more to come...!


1 comment:

Kate said...

It made my morning seeing a little plug to my site :)
I couldn't help but link you, i think your illustrations are beautiful. I will be regularly checking back to see new work.