Friday, 10 November 2006


a lovely pot of tea

have a look at this blog that has been dedicated to teapots. it is so very nice.

it belongs to andy titcomb, who makes teapots in his garden studio in cornwall (which sounds like a pretty perfect setting to me)

he also makes salt and pepper shakers - these ones caught my eye:

they are great.

andy has also put one of my drawings on his blog - which is v.much appreciated!

i always think i want to start collecting something like salt and pepper shakers. egg cups are probably my ideal choice though. i heard somewhere that it can be called a collection when you have 3 of something.
so i do have a teapot collection (a very small one) but unfortunately only have one nice egg cup on my shelves (so i am not doing too well as of yet).

i will keep my eyes peeled in the charity shops though....


1 comment:

Andy Titcomb said...

Thank you for your kind comments Debbie...
You might also enjoy my son Jago's website, he's a children's book illustrator