Tuesday, 28 November 2006

how very exciting

today my copies of capricho magazine came in the post - i had been asked to submit one of my illustrations a while ago and now it is finally here - oooOOooo. the illustration i sent in was a montage of scenes from my necropolis animation which was created entirely using the typewriter.

it is so very exciting to see my work in print - here are some pics of the magazine...

it was a double page spread!

i think the most exciting part of it was seeing a my little typewriter men featured on the contents page:

obviously the magazine is in brazilian so i can't actually read what is said about me - though renata (who put it all together) sent me a rough translation and it was all v.nice.
the magazine itself is very delightful --> the headings on each page are embroidered and there is a lot of creative stuff in it.

a good day for post indeed.

also i was told the other day by colette from artists unique that there was going to be an article out today in the southampton daily echo (a bit random i know) about my button phobia books. luckily my brother lives in southampton so i have sent him on an errand to track down a copy to bring back at the weekend - what a good sibling he is.


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Anonymous said...

wowowowowow :) you international superstar, you! congrats my dear, that is fab x xx