Monday, 20 November 2006

it's been a few days

and we now have half a kitchen (whoop!) - by thursday it should all be done and dusted and i will be able to get on with cooking and baking and wearing all my new aprons

here is a close-up of the lovely fabric they are made of:


the other day my mum noticed owly sitting on my shelf and dug out this beaut of a book which has patterns for making a whole bundle of felt toys:

i am definately going to make some of those adorable little horses that are shown on the cover - i do like horses and donkeys


these two little bunnies (jimmy rabbit and jane rabbit) are also on the list of things to try

maybe i'll get making tomorrow...though i will first have to pop to the shop and get a pile of felt. i also feel i have been rather a neglectful knitter of late - need to get back in the swing of things so tomorrow i am going to have a hunt for a delightful pattern to get me in the knitting mood. maybe i will try and make my own pattern for something - - -> i'll have to give it some thought.

that is really all for now.

oh, i want to go to this:

i think it might inspire me somewhat.


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Anonymous said...

ohh what a fabulously lovely find :) x