Saturday, 4 November 2006

touch type

today my new keyboard arrived and i am back on my mac after a week using the clunky old pc (well, at least it's reliable).

so i thought finally starting my blog would be a good way to break in the new keys (and a good way to waste a morning of course)

i have drawn a pic of my nice new keyboard:

what a beaut!
anyway, that is all for now - more to come soon! i am off to see the fireworks in farnham tonight - i am going to wear my newly knitted green hat (i hope it doesn't get set on fire or anything unpleasant ----> fireworks scare me a bit) wish me luck...

\ | /
-- * -- bang!
/| \
| whooooooosh!



1 comment:

theyummarothmanproject™ said...

i like your illustration :) realistic yet artistic neat, make me want to draw something