Monday, 13 November 2006

type drawings

the other day whilst i was online talking to derek we got a bit carried away drawing pics with the type - here is a little selection of some of my attempts:

(derek did a far better drawing of a chicken that me but i didn't have that to post up - which is lucky really as he would have shown me up)

drawing with type is one of my favourite things to do

i also made a (somewhat laughable) attempt to draw some people -> me and derek went to see 'the two faces of mitchell & webb' in brighton the other week so i had a bash at drawing them:

ha ha ha ha ha

i have a skill there, no?

in other invitation to the v&a awards ceremony + private view came at the weekend (v.exciting). less than a month to go now...


1 comment:

sair said...

there is actually a resemblance to mitchell and webb there! x x