Thursday, 7 December 2006

a christmas bargain

my entry into thrift thursday this week is this pair of knitted christmas stockings i tracked down in help the aged the other day.

they are for my mum and dad for christmas because would you believe it my mum has never had a christmas stocking (how sad). so this year it is all change - i am going to fill them with lots of goodies and then on christmas morning it'll be just like father christmas has popped by in the night.

the problem is i am having difficulty thinking of things to put in my dad's one. i have loads of idea for my mum but dads are harder to buy for....o well. a few extra satsumas will do it! heh, when my mum used to put satsumas in mine and my brothers stockings we used to put them straight back in the fruit bowl (naughty unhealthy children!)

i could be cheeky and try and pass off the stockings as my own knitted creations but i'm pretty sure no one would fall for that - i haven't got into knitting with multiple colours yet (that's a resolution for the new year though).


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