Monday, 8 January 2007

christmas is over

which is a shame really as i really got in the holiday mood this year - much more than usual anyway. so, before i leave christmas behind totally i thought i'd post up some more festive images...

knitted stockings for some lucky friends

monoprints that were used on my christmas cards

and some images of our festive christmas eve in the pub

time for some new years resolutions

following a splendid new years eve spent in london at a friends flat i have decided to turn over a good few new leaves this year and have made a handful of new years resolutions. here is a sample selection:

---> learn crochet (i have started! - have one row hanging off my hook at the moment and now i am muddled)
---> respond to e-mails and messages quick smart (i don't mean to be slow, i just lose track)
---> no watching rubbish on the tv (unless i am multi-tasking i.e. knitting/crochet)
---> go swimming at least once a fortnight (that i am doing - have been twice already so am doing better than planned)

and that is enough to be getting on with for the time being. oh, apart from the very most important one:

---> get a super new job (this is a must!)

i'll make sure to keep you posted on how i get on.



Anonymous said...

My mom lov's your job!..knnited ..things!? ( sorry i don't speak good english :) she do this things too.. :D Lovelys :D:D:D:D

Merry past xmas :D

Anonymous said...

aM..sorry can u tell me how can i do the choir guy? and the pinguins nd all this pretty prettty things?:D Thanks u so much


deb said...

o, thankyou for the kind comments.

i am pleased to hear your mum likes my knitted things :D

i am afraid i don't really have a pattern for the penguin as he was something i kind of made up as i went along, but i do have the choir boy pattern which is from an old magazine.

i can scan it in and e-mail it to you tomorrow if you like? - if you let me know your e-mail address.

happy new year

derek mok said...

wow.....someone amazing must had taken those brilliant photos in the pub! i wonder who it is.....