Sunday, 21 January 2007

making things

i have some pictures to share with you of some crafty happenings that have been going on around here...

firstly, i have finally gotten round to making one of the soft trees designed by stephanie over at little birds. derek came visiting the other day so we had a fun little craft afternoon and made a tree each.

they go quite nicely together ---> blue for boys and pink for girls.

i have also been knitting away and made this finger puppet (papa bear) to give to my friend milkan as part of his birthday present.

the pattern is from this book which i got for my birthday from my v.kind brother. he if from a set of finger puppets - goldilocks and the 3 bears. and now that i have given him away i will probably have to make mama bear or baby bear so as i have one to keep - as they are terribly cute.

and here is the birthday card i made for milkan (hence the milk) - imaginative huh? not a weekend for thinking outside the box.

i hope you have all had a nice weekend too, whether it was spent relaxing or crafting away,


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