Monday, 29 January 2007

sew sew sewing

i've been whirring along on my pfaff today creating some embroidered illustrations. here are some pics of the work in progress:

i owe a certain mr.mok a picture for his room - he gave me a picture frame way back in september which i have been meaning to fill with some delightful illustrations but i have been very naughty and haven't finished yet (and i also broke the glass on the frame -oop- so need to get a replacement) anyway, the point is that i decided to make him a mini piece of art for the time being (whilst he is waiting for the main event) and that's what i did today.

i'm not going to post a picture of it though as i don't want to spoil the surprise - but here are some other finished pictures i made today using embroidery, felt and origami paper:

...and i'll post up the picture i made for derek after i've sent it to him.

in other news, i have used up my 200 photo limit on my free flickr account which is most disappointing - i guess i'll be upgrading to a pro account soon, but i'm not too sure. hmm.



Anonymous said...

oh what a bind -- i didn't realise there was a limit. . hmph. though i would love a pro account. all those sets you can make...woowww :-) x

a certain mr. mok said...

so what is a pfaff?! didnt explain you did you, and yes i am looking forward to my nice pictures!!! x x x

Anonymous said...

Great!!! The pictures you made are so beautiful!

sabine Brandt said...

these are so beautiful ......