Sunday, 14 January 2007


i hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. i am having a pretty relaxing time really - what with lazing about watching 24 and going out for a yummy roast dinner with sair. before getting back to more 24 though (it's so very addictive) i thought i'd post something i discovered earlier today which happened on friday: a virtual tea party!

it was organised by risa and it involved lots of other bloggers who posted up their pictures of tea-related things and what they were doing throughout the day (all of which has been compiled on risa's blog muerto de risa so we can see what fun everyone had).

i think it is such a lovely idea and it's a shame i only just found out about it as i'd have loved to join in - hopefully there will be one again sometime in the future...

but for now i'll post up a belated tea related item:

it's a circular tablecloth i found in a charity shop for £1 and it has the most lovely pattern of teapots and hearts (a lucky find indeed).

after all this talk of tea i am now feeling rather parched so i am off for a cup...mmm...hope you are all having a lovely sunday.



Anonymous said...

Another great fabric - it's lovely. The thing we need for the next party...

Anonymous said...
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