Tuesday, 9 January 2007

well what do we have here

today i thought i'd post some links to some nice things i have seen of late.

the other night i went to see the new james bond film casino royale and i actually enjoyed it far more than i had been expecting (i'm not a big james bond fan).

i also really liked the title sequence.

i loved the fact that most of the imagery was made up of card-related items (particularly the different suits) - i think my favourite parts are the guns firing and the people being stabbed with diamonds and spades (not that i'm into stabbing or anything, it is just nicely done, heh) ---> it is an approach that i particularly like to use i my own work - making imagery out of quite simple objects that are relevent to the subject at hand.


another thing. when i was looking for the title sequence online i found this post which had a top ten list of favourite film opening sequences. some of them i completely agree with. i love the titles for catch me if you can and seven. although there were some that weren't on the list that i would have definately put in such as napoleon dynamite, and i seem to remember almost famous having some good credits (but my memory may be mistaken there).

all these beauts make me want to work on creating film titles - it would be most interesting

and it seems a shame not to include any images in this post BUT tomorrow i may post up some pics of some of the delightful things i received for christmas/my birthday (how exciting!)


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Anonymous said...

i like the nanny mcphee credits by http://www.voodoodog.com/ they are loovely :) x