Wednesday, 31 January 2007


look what the postman brought me...

a nice little bundle courtesy of derek.

he has the nicest little chinese food store in brighton where he buys his noodles, and i'm a big fan of the sweets & biscuits they sell, so derek posted me a couple of bits (mmm...pocky). as well as the tasty treats he also included the nicest of nice cards (from a selection by sarah louise martin at really likes) and a copy of artyfacts (a monthly selection of art & design jobs, news and competitions from his university) - most handy.

^ he also drew some continuous line pics of the sweets inside the card - which was just to my liking.

it was quite a nice unorganised mail swap, as when i spoke to him today he told me he'd received the picture i made for him:

oh, how i like getting things through the post.

i also received a bundle of zips from ebay yesterday and got to work making some purses - (thanks to anna torborg for the handy zipper tutorial) - they weren't completely successful as they were a wee bit wonky but for a first attempt i was most pleased with the outcomes.

and that would be all for today, more to come tomorrow...


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Anonymous said...

you are such a busy little bee, what a delightful selection of stuff :-) x