Tuesday, 16 January 2007


i've got a lot of bits and pieces i wanted to share with you today. one of which is this lovely online shop one good bumblebee. they have sooOOo much nice stuff...some of my favourites are these and these (i love to make lists) and these and best of all are these lovely jars full of stuff (oh how much i want one) - they are full of lots of vintage crafty bits & bobs and they are all individually put together so are all different.

i think one would look just dandy sitting on my shelves.

i also wanted to show you these knitting patterns that sair gave me for christmas inside a vintage knitting bag:

they are quite amusing and the young girl with the bright red lipstick is a trifle scary, but i would like to attempt to knit myself a cardigan - don't know how well i'd get on though, it seems like a big challenge but maybe i'll try and get one knitted for next winter (mm...snuggly and warm).

in other news, two of my illustrations have been included in wallspankers issue 3 - a PDF sticker zine that brings together international artists and designers in a collaborative, sharing environment.


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Anonymous said...

Hey! It's Katey from onegoodbumblebee.com. Just wanted to say thank you for the little shout out! :) Cute blog!!