Monday, 15 January 2007


here is a logo design i was asked to create for a job interview i attended recently. the company was after a logo to celebrate their 10 year anniversary and the only requirements were that it had to have a 'space' feel to it (as the company is called Rocket) and should incorporate the colour orange somewhere in the design.

i ended up creating a new logo for the company as well as a variation on that logo for the 10th anniversary. the approach i took was to create a simple rocket shape out of the letters of the work 'rocket' which was adapted to use the numbers 1 & 0 for the 10th anniversary:

i was very happy with the end result (especially as I haven't created many logo designs in the past) and i also think the method i used worked quite well, so since then i have been playing around with making other type images in the same way:

it is a bit tricky trying to use all the letters but also quite fun trying to work it out & i think they are on the whole quite nice (& simple) type illustrations.


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