Friday, 19 January 2007

national hot tea month

yes, that's what i've discovered for the month of january. i'm a bit slow on the uptake but i'll surely be cramming an extra cup of the good stuff in tomorrow to celebrate!

i'm sure it is probably only officially an american thing but i feel this is something us in the uk should adopt too - because how good is it to have a whole month dedicated to a nice pot of tea.

talking of tea, i went to my friend derek's tonight to watch layer cake (which was actually a suprising good film - i worried when it heard it was a bit like lock stock but it was really much better) and he had mixed up the pg tips with some other funny tasting tea that wasn't to my liking at all (tasted a bit christmassy) ----> i am really a pg tips/tetley sort of a girl. so i hope that doesn't happen again too sharpish or i'll have to start taking my own supplies around

anyway, that is all about tea - i'll post some pictures of some creative goings on tomorrow!



sallyf said...

Hi Debs
Did you come across Risa's online tea party?

I and seemingly many other people only stumbled on it too late, maybe if we can gather enough interest we could recreate a UK version for all those who'd like a go? what d'you think?

derek said...

you should bring cakes too if you are gonna bring teabags?! thanks