Wednesday, 14 March 2007


i made my mum some brooches today, for mothers day. they were made from a tutorial in this book (with some slight variations) and i made two in different colours so she'll always have one to match the outfit she's wearing (if she likes them that is, fingers crossed!)

i really like the Crafter Culture Handbook (a birthday present) and also created these thankyou cards the other day for my swap partners, which were based on another brooch tutorial in the book:

obviously i am into making matching pink and blue things at the moment!
i need to get making a mothers day card too - maybe that'll go on tomorrows 'to do' list (alongside getting her another little gift!).

yesterday i accompanied my friend daniel to a rather posh event at 'aquascutum' in london (free champagne and canapes, who could say no?!) so it was a rather splendid afternoon/evening out, and when we left we got a wonderful goodie bag with lots of v.nice bits and bobs - some magazines, a candle and some skin products (i like free things).

when i was in london i bought a splendid new skirt:

just look at that BIG wooden button! who could resist.

it was also mike's birthday yesterday, here is a little birthday greeting i made him:

that is about as far as my skills go in illustrator. i really need to improve - lessons would be good so i might look into that.

we are off out for a meal on saturday so i'm going to fix him up a nice card by then (and possibly make him a little something else too).

....and that is about all i have for show and tell today, so bye for now.



del boy said...

why, even your lovely skirt matches the blue and red scheme! how wonderful, and im sure ur mum will like them, they look lovely!! so when is mothers day?!

deb said...

thanks derek!
and tut! don't you's on sunday.
i hope you haven't forgotton about your mum, you should make her a nice card x

SallyF said...

Ok I give in, now I have had to buy the crafters culture handbook too. I was doing so well at resisting but my defenses are down today and its slipped through the net. I love your pink + blue flowery things, hope whatever I make turns out as well. Your mum's a lucky lady (mine's getting afternoon tea in return for repotting all my dead plants!)

deb said...

afternoon tea sounds lovely. i'm hoping my mum pops out on saturday so i can make her some cookies or something equally yummy to eat.
(least year i tried making peppermint creams and got in a terribly sticky mess, oops!)

and i highly recommend the crafter culture handbook - there are so many great ideas and easy to follow tutorials.

i look forward to seeing what you make,