Saturday, 17 March 2007

mothers day

i've just made my mum a mothers day card to accompany the presents i've already prepared for her ---> the two brooches and this framed picture:

i also popped some handmade vouchers inside the card for her to "cash in" whenever she pleases. these include having tea made for her tea all day & having a homemade lunch of her choice, amongst others. it made me feel quite like a child when i was making them, but that is ok i feel. better to feel young than old. (maybe)

i'm off out for an italian tonight which will be most delightful. though as i have given up cheese for lent (i thought it would be a good personal challenge) i think it is going to be quite a mission to find something on the menu i can eat. italian food is so yummy and full of cheese. i'll do my best to avoid it though.

in other news, i registered with this bookcrossing website today. i heard about it aaaaaaaages and have been meaning to have a peek for a while now. it is such a lovely idea, leaving books around for other people to pick up and read. one of my friends found one once on a train and i think that is where i got wind of it. so i've now decided to take part and have released my first book into the wild.
well, actually it wasn't so much my book as it was derek's, but we've both read it and i have told him that i am not giving it back (this is a much better idea). i would, of course, have let one of my own books loose but i recently gave a bundle to charity so don't have any to hand that i am willing to part with at the moment.
so hopefully my book will be found soon and i'll be able to find out what other people think of it. a great thing about the site is that you can see how many books are currently 'loose' in the local area, and where exactly they are. apparently there are 5 (now 6!) lurking in my town at the moment so maybe i should go out on a book hunt. i think it would be oh so exciting to find one!


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