Saturday, 24 March 2007

learning crochet (round two)

if any of you remember back in january i made an attempt to start learning crochet after receiving a book and a starter kit for my birthday.

well, that was kind of put on hold as i struggled to get any further than making one chain (dear me).

but today i decided something had to be done - so i got out the old hook and wool and had another bash. a slightly more successful bash it was too. here's what i came up with:

i think this is double crochet (at least that is what i was aiming for), and it looks ok to me (not too messed up like previous attempts). but for all i know it could be completely wrong.

i really need to be taught by someone who already knows what they are doing.

practise makes perfect though and i'm going to keep working on it this time.



Zoe said...

oh, that's better than my attempt! I did the same as you on the first go (a chain) and then on the second go a couple of rows but I wasn't sure if it was right or if i was doing it properly and felt that needed someone to show me.

Angi said...


I just came across your site this morning and saw you were starting to learn to crochet! ME TOO! It is frustrating and enjoyable at the same time!! KEEP ON IT!

deb said...

thanks zoe & angi!
I have kind of come to a stop again with the learning (resorted back to doing a bit of knitting which is so much easier to grasp).
But I feel just about re-inspired to give it another bash now.
I want to learn to make granny squares!