Sunday, 4 March 2007


this weekend i have been doing a spot of knitting, and this included these very cute little hearts:

the pattern for them was found on the mochimochi land blog (thanks anna!) and they are ever so adorable. shame i didn't stumble across the pattern before valentines day, but it's definately handy for next year (and all year round too!)

other things on my "to make" list include:

---> a couple of items from this book
---> this kitty and rabbit
---> one of these little chicks (once i get to grips with crochet)

....and a couple of other bits and bobs that i can't remember right now.

lots to do!



SallyF said...

gorgeous - what will you do with them?

deb said...

oh, heh, i didn't really think that through - i just wanted to make some because they are so cute :D

i'm sure my friends and family will be on the receiving end of some of them though (even though they've probably had enough of my knitted bits and bobs by now, heh)

last night i modified they pattern a bit and made a bigger one - which i like a lot. i may try and make a HUGE one soon x

Holly said...

The tiny ones could be tacked on a child's hat or sweater...that would be cute.

derk said...

if you do knit one of those little chicks then i would love to have one..two cos one will be loney....they are adorable!

deb said...

holly - that's a good idea! i also think they would make good keyrings, though i'd need to get hold of some keyring attachments first...for now they are just perched above my mirror making my room look more delightful. x