Sunday, 25 March 2007

a nice little game

for a while now i have been wanting to test my knowledge of the american states (partly because i'm into list writing maybe) but have only ever thought of it after hearing someone talking about somewhere in america (and then i feel it is unfair to play as i have already had a head start) - am i odd? most probably.

anyway, today whilst nosing around some other blogs i saw that someone had posted a link to this - a game where you have 10 minutes to list as many of the states as you can remember. what fun!

i had a play and managed to get a not very impressive 24 out of 50. dear me.
i feel that it is sort of ok as i don't live in america myself (so am allowed to be a little dense) ...though i'm not sure how well i'd do if the game was to list english counties either.

i'll give it a while and have another bash sometime (and hopefully i'll get on a little better). until then, do have a go and let me know your's pretty tricky once you've got the first few.



derek mok said...

im rubbish, i only got 12...then i never learned any of them at school, just knew them thru movies....these are the ones i got...

Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida,
Hawaii, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas,
Utah, Washington,

cant believe i left out kentucky!!!and i love those chicken!!! grr....and there are some really obvious ones too....grrr.....and ones i never even heard of...Wyoming, Connecticut!? what the hell are they!?

sarah said...

i only got 17! arrrgh, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii,
Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine,
Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma,
Texas, Washington,

how rubbish i am.
fun game though! i'm going to re-play in a few weeks and test my improvement

sair said...

p.s. that was me

deb said...

wow! you two make me feel smart, heheheh.

my family, on the otehr hand, make me feel a bit on the stupid side - my brother & mum both got 29!!! dear me.

bu yes, it's definitely something to try again in a couple of months :) i'm sure we'll all do far better next time