Monday, 11 August 2008

hello pigeon

guess who's in my shop now?

yes, that's it! some jolly pigeons.

h o o r a y !

AND it turns out this is my 200th post...can you believe it!
so to celebrate that fact and of course to celebrate the pigeons i'm going to give away one of the brood to the first person to comment saying something along the lines of 'yes, please!'.
jolly good!



Camilla said...

yes please!? Even though i'm a terrible head teacher?

Gemma said...

Oh I've been beaten...yes please anyway...the jolly pigeons are so cute! Congrats on your blog anniversaire...!

d e b b i e said...

that was speedy!

camilla, a pigeon will be winging its way to you shortly - e-mail me your address & i'll get it all packaged up! (my e-mail is:

gemma, sorry you missed out this time (maybe for my 300th post though, heh). thanks for the comment though!


Katie said...

dang it,I am too slow lol. But not I won't have to make my own yay, I can get an original.

Anonymous said...

Well done on yr 100th post