Thursday, 14 August 2008

today was a good day for drawing.

The good thing about this bad weather is that it motivates me to stay indoors and work work work.
It has also just dawned on me about the small amount of time I have left before my MA hand-in in September. And in between now and then I have a great deal to do, including:
• having a break for this lovely festival.
• travelling back home to pick up my tent & other supplies for said festival.
• saying farewell to a friend who's moving up north.
• starting a new job!!!
• & having a lovely friend from wales come & visit.

Gosh! I need to get cracking. I will definitely work hard tomorrow. But first I will head down to the seafront with Yumi to visit the Pleasure Bus which is in Brighton for Friday & Saturday.
If you haven't heard of it then do go and check out the blog for more details. It's a gold campervan that doubles up as a Mobile Art Gallery (and shop). They are touring around the UK over the summer and aim to spread a happy summer glow wherever they go.

I'm keen to get one of their stickers:

Wish me luck! (& try and check it out if you can).

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