Friday, 1 August 2008

things worth mentioning

I've got a whole variety of things I've been meaning to post about for a few days now so I thought it best to tackle them all in an extra looooong post. So here goes:

I went to the v&a village fete last friday and it was a most enjoyable evening out. The last time I went was a couple of years ago but it seems to have got much more popular since then as the queue for tickets was ever so long, and stretched quite far around the inside of the museum.

The fete itself was in the central courtyard and was fully of lovely stalls from a variety of talented design folk. One of my favourites was the stall by the ever so talented rob ryan which hosted a scratch card treasure hunt where you had to race against the clock to uncover the clues.
I just about managed to do it (with a lot of shouted help & a very small 5p piece) and just look what I got for my troubles:

A beautiful limited edition print! I'm ever so pleased.

Another stall that took my fancy was by the folks at garudio studiage and involved a game of picking 3 hutches with the same animals inside. Unfortunately I didn't match 3 so didn't win one of these amazing cardboard pets but I did get a poster for my troubles:

What a cute bunny!
Garudio Studiage have lots of nice items in their shop and I'm particularly fond of the items from Chris Ratcliffe - lovely!

I just realised I never posted a picture of my finished pigeons so here they are:

I'll try and get around to listing some in my etsy shop soon and if any of you are interested in owning your own little pigeon then please let me know!

What else have I got to report? Oh yes, I've got a nice new dress:

and that is all!


ashley said...

a pigeon- a flock of them would be perfect to adorn any home;) they are lovely as is the dress...lucky you!

Katie said...

The pidgeons are so effective. I can hear them cooing and gossiping in little bird chitter chatter. I really really like them, do you mind if I pinch your idea?