Sunday, 25 March 2007

a nice little game

for a while now i have been wanting to test my knowledge of the american states (partly because i'm into list writing maybe) but have only ever thought of it after hearing someone talking about somewhere in america (and then i feel it is unfair to play as i have already had a head start) - am i odd? most probably.

anyway, today whilst nosing around some other blogs i saw that someone had posted a link to this - a game where you have 10 minutes to list as many of the states as you can remember. what fun!

i had a play and managed to get a not very impressive 24 out of 50. dear me.
i feel that it is sort of ok as i don't live in america myself (so am allowed to be a little dense) ...though i'm not sure how well i'd do if the game was to list english counties either.

i'll give it a while and have another bash sometime (and hopefully i'll get on a little better). until then, do have a go and let me know your's pretty tricky once you've got the first few.


Saturday, 24 March 2007

learning crochet (round two)

if any of you remember back in january i made an attempt to start learning crochet after receiving a book and a starter kit for my birthday.

well, that was kind of put on hold as i struggled to get any further than making one chain (dear me).

but today i decided something had to be done - so i got out the old hook and wool and had another bash. a slightly more successful bash it was too. here's what i came up with:

i think this is double crochet (at least that is what i was aiming for), and it looks ok to me (not too messed up like previous attempts). but for all i know it could be completely wrong.

i really need to be taught by someone who already knows what they are doing.

practise makes perfect though and i'm going to keep working on it this time.


Friday, 23 March 2007

find of the week

whilst i was in tesco yesterday hunting for casino royale i came across these most delightful cookie cutters in the kids/craft/easter section that they have at the moment:

how very nice indeed.

now i need to get baking...


Wednesday, 21 March 2007

red + yellow + blue + green

here are a few of the lovely colourful images that have been floating my boat of late:

by blue coat

by carol grilo

by m patrizio

by blue coat

by carol grilo

all ever so lovely and very inspirational.

i'm very pro primary colours at the moment.


Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Saturday, 17 March 2007

mothers day

i've just made my mum a mothers day card to accompany the presents i've already prepared for her ---> the two brooches and this framed picture:

i also popped some handmade vouchers inside the card for her to "cash in" whenever she pleases. these include having tea made for her tea all day & having a homemade lunch of her choice, amongst others. it made me feel quite like a child when i was making them, but that is ok i feel. better to feel young than old. (maybe)

i'm off out for an italian tonight which will be most delightful. though as i have given up cheese for lent (i thought it would be a good personal challenge) i think it is going to be quite a mission to find something on the menu i can eat. italian food is so yummy and full of cheese. i'll do my best to avoid it though.

in other news, i registered with this bookcrossing website today. i heard about it aaaaaaaages and have been meaning to have a peek for a while now. it is such a lovely idea, leaving books around for other people to pick up and read. one of my friends found one once on a train and i think that is where i got wind of it. so i've now decided to take part and have released my first book into the wild.
well, actually it wasn't so much my book as it was derek's, but we've both read it and i have told him that i am not giving it back (this is a much better idea). i would, of course, have let one of my own books loose but i recently gave a bundle to charity so don't have any to hand that i am willing to part with at the moment.
so hopefully my book will be found soon and i'll be able to find out what other people think of it. a great thing about the site is that you can see how many books are currently 'loose' in the local area, and where exactly they are. apparently there are 5 (now 6!) lurking in my town at the moment so maybe i should go out on a book hunt. i think it would be oh so exciting to find one!


Wednesday, 14 March 2007


i made my mum some brooches today, for mothers day. they were made from a tutorial in this book (with some slight variations) and i made two in different colours so she'll always have one to match the outfit she's wearing (if she likes them that is, fingers crossed!)

i really like the Crafter Culture Handbook (a birthday present) and also created these thankyou cards the other day for my swap partners, which were based on another brooch tutorial in the book:

obviously i am into making matching pink and blue things at the moment!
i need to get making a mothers day card too - maybe that'll go on tomorrows 'to do' list (alongside getting her another little gift!).

yesterday i accompanied my friend daniel to a rather posh event at 'aquascutum' in london (free champagne and canapes, who could say no?!) so it was a rather splendid afternoon/evening out, and when we left we got a wonderful goodie bag with lots of v.nice bits and bobs - some magazines, a candle and some skin products (i like free things).

when i was in london i bought a splendid new skirt:

just look at that BIG wooden button! who could resist.

it was also mike's birthday yesterday, here is a little birthday greeting i made him:

that is about as far as my skills go in illustrator. i really need to improve - lessons would be good so i might look into that.

we are off out for a meal on saturday so i'm going to fix him up a nice card by then (and possibly make him a little something else too).

....and that is about all i have for show and tell today, so bye for now.


Saturday, 10 March 2007

Thursday, 8 March 2007


time for a mammoth post

i have got a lot to mention today and lots of bits and bobs i've been meaning to post for a while. firstly some wonderful swap packages i have received of late:

top: the super pack it up small package i received from gabriele - lots of lovely strawberry, cherry and apple goodies, so great! - thanks again gabriele.

and below that: thanks to avital for this lovely package for the coloriffic swap-o-rama. such a thoughtful and personalised selection - i love it all!


alongside receiving lots of lovely post i've been knitting lot of easter chicks, which are now up in my etsy shop:

now, i'm not sure how likely these little folks are to actually sell but i thought i'd test the waters of etsy and see how it goes. i also got carried away knitting and didn't know what else to do with them (as my friends and family were on the receiving end last easter and i doubt they'd fancy another batch)


back to things i've received in the mail:

a few weeks ago i helped out my friend matt with some cd packaging ideas for his band 'a neat science' - and he sent me a copy of the design he put together.
it's a limited edition cd release and i think it has a lovely handmade feel to it with a printed canvas case and a nice brown luggage tag label - i bet they'll all sell like hot cakes! and very kind of him to credit me for helping with the design as he did all the hard work really.

and talking of cd designs, here is something i knocked up for a one-off cover design for a new single release by a band called stained glass heroes:

The band is releasing a new single and there will be a limited edition of 500 7" vinyl singles pressed, all designed by different artists - which is quite a nice idea i thought! so i've sent off my entry now, and you can look at some of the designs already received on their website. very nice.


in other news, i went on a nice trip to the local salvation army thrift store the other day and picked up this pile of goodies:

i especially love the green spotty fabric and the floral pillowcase - makes me think of springtime! which is kind of appropriate as it is feeling very much like spring is in the air around here at the moment, the sun has been shining and i've even been thinking about digging out my sunglasses as it is so very bright - lovely!


anyway, i must go now as this post has taken me quite long enough (though i do think i have more things to say that i have forgotton about) - it is now a whole day after i began! and no, i haven't been sitting here the whole time, i've been to the pub for a banana split and a glass of wine, and to london for a nice pot of tea and museum visit - so i have been quite a busy girl.

and now it is time for a rest - well, sort of, i'm off to the cinema to see the illusionist. i hope it's a good'un,

have a nice weekend everybody!


Sunday, 4 March 2007


this weekend i have been doing a spot of knitting, and this included these very cute little hearts:

the pattern for them was found on the mochimochi land blog (thanks anna!) and they are ever so adorable. shame i didn't stumble across the pattern before valentines day, but it's definately handy for next year (and all year round too!)

other things on my "to make" list include:

---> a couple of items from this book
---> this kitty and rabbit
---> one of these little chicks (once i get to grips with crochet)

....and a couple of other bits and bobs that i can't remember right now.

lots to do!


Friday, 2 March 2007


i got an e-mail today from prickie with details of some of my badges being sold. it was a nice surprise -> i'd forgotton completely about them as i haven't received any updates for aaaaages. it's nice to hear that people are buying them though.

here's the selection that's online at the moment (they can be found here):