Monday, 23 February 2009

lovely new things

This weekend I was especially busy dashing around Brighton.
On Sunday I managed to attend the market at the station, the brighton zinefest AND the frock me vintage fashion fair at the university.

Here are some nice treats I picked up.


desk lamp = £1
flowers for tiffany = 50p


I drew some pigeon badges and a kind fellow made them for me!


tartan skirt = £5

And they weren't the only nice things I've acquired lately, pop over to my pigeon blog to see some more lucky finds.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


a drawing for my shopping list hunt.

a kite kite

Today I've been thinking about kites.
So here is a kite shaped kite:


Yesterday I went to Yumi's to eat some of her lovely cheese straws and to get arty with her birthday craft kit. I also got to sit on her lovely new sofa - complete with nice new cushion covers (made by yumi). It inspired me to come home and make some cushions of my own:

I've been meaning to make use of these pieces of fabric for ages now. I received them in a swap with Siming almost two years ago and have finally turned them into something nice. And I added on a seagull too!

Monday, 16 February 2009

show and tell

As promised here are some pictures of the lovely things I picked up at the art junky fair last week:

Isn't this jigsaw puzzle lovely? I'd call it a dogsaw rather than a jigsaw though. It cost me £1 and kept me entertained for 2 evenings last week. What more can you ask for?

I also bought this rather sweet arctic hare:

Made by Kaye Blegvad from the Illustrators Elbow collective, a group currently studying on the BA Illlustration course at Brighton uni.
They are a talented bunch so do check them out!

cat nap

badly drawn biscuits

I'm not going to eat ANY biscuits this week.
I've eaten far too many of late.

Friday, 13 February 2009

shopping list hunt

i've been updating my shopping list blog and am going to try and keep it up to date from now on (whilst also posting up lists from my existing collection).

have a look!

love is in the air

I'm not sending any valentines cards this year but if I was I would definitely send one of these:

Beautiful e-cards, each by a different artist.
And check out the rest of the site too as there is more lovely stuff.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

pigeons aren't perfect

I've set up a new blog: protect the pigeons.

For all things pigeon related.

Please pay it a visit!

it snowed last week...

...and i made a snow pigeon!

photo courtesy of sam.

art junky

On sunday a few of us from our MA course took part in the 3rd Art Junky indoor market at the Phoenix Gallery, Brighton. The day was a great success and we had a lot of fun. There were even more stalls than last year with some beautiful work (some of which I couldn't resist buying), and lots of tea and cake.

I sold quite a lot of bits (incuding some pigeons!) and am planning to add some of my leftover stock to my etsy shop over the coming weeks.

Here are some pictures from the day (courtesy of yumi):

And some links to my fellow stallholders' websites:





If any of you folks know of any other similar events coming up in the uk/local area then do let me know and I'll make sure to post up some pictures of my purchases soon!