Saturday, 31 March 2012



I'm so pleased with this find. I have been looking for a bakelite wool holder for ages.
So sweet. I'd like to own many.

Talking of sweet: this photo is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. I'm sure you'll agree.

Monday, 19 March 2012

pattern swatches

and more swatches

My stitch library is growing - my favourite here is the boxed block stitch.

I've found myself doing a lot of crochet recently, but I started a knitting project last saturday so the crochet squares are on hold for the time being. I'm making a jumper to wear in spring time by the sea.

Maybe I'll take a crochet project on the plane to Japan though....

Saturday, 17 March 2012

move over Mr. Kipling


Last night I attempted to make Battenberg cake for this month's cooks challenge.

Unfortunately, it did not go so well for me this time. It turns out a pink cake mixture does not necessarily make for a pink cake. The first batch I made was very subtle in colour so I wasn't incredibly surprised when it came out of the oven looking identical to the uncoloured half, but then I made a second batch and added much more pink food colouring - still no luck.

pink cakes
Take 1: slightly pink.                                                     Take 2: VERY pink.

I've since done some research and it looks like red food colouring is the way to go in order to achieve a perfectly pink cake. I think I'll have a second try next weekend.

In the meantime I had a lot of sponge to use up so made some mini cake slices with jam filling. The white iced ones have almond sponge and the pink iced ones are the 'supposed-to-be-pink' sponge.

Tasty. But not what I'd planned. Maybe my mum will win this month...

mini slices

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

small things for a small person

gifts rabbit rattle

On Monday I met Simon and Kirstie's 8 day old baby called Rufus. He is the smallest person I have ever met and he was such a joy to hold (and so very well behaved for me).

I took him round some mini knitted items I had made. Actual birth day presents I suppose! A cardigan with pockets and a rabbit shaped rattle - there's a bell inside his head.

They were both made from patterns in this book by Erica Knight, and were quite a treat to knit (baby cardigans are so quick!). They also use lovely soft organic baby wool.

What a lovely meet and greet. It made me smile all the way home!

 gifts for baby

Monday, 5 March 2012

Herman the friendship cake

herman the friendship cake

Following my bread-making class the other week a friendly fellow at work donated me some sourdough yeast called Herman. You may have heard of him, he's been around a bit.

He came with a friendship cake recipe and after cultivating the yeast for 10 days it was ready to make into a big cake! And a very tasty cake it is. Apple and cinnamon and raisins is always a winner in my book.

bake the cake

There was a lot of sugar involved (the brown sugar on the top is definitely the best bit).

Before baking the cake, the yeast was divided up into four: 1 portion for the cake, 1 to keep and grow, and 2 to pass onto some friendly folk over tea and tasting (hence the friendship cake).

Matt and I even did a trade: some yeast and cake for a knitting file. It's good to share! And I only have to wait another 10 days until I can do it again...

...I might make bread next time though. A slightly healthier option.