Sunday, 22 March 2015

runner beans


We bought a mini greenhouse for the garden this weekend and decided to plant a little something to put on one of the shelves now that we have it set up.

We started with a tray of runner beans - three different varieties. Just look at them! Such lovely colours.

Hopefully it isn't too cold out there for things to start growing.

I'm lucky because Lyndsey let me sign up as a late entry into her Secret Seed Swap and has set up a mini swap for me and a couple of other latecomers. I sent out my packets yesterday so will share some pictures after they have made their way to their secret recipient.

Such a nice idea. And it means maybe I'll be ready to add some more things to the greenhouse in the next couple of weeks.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

pimp my fridge


I gave our fridge a little makeover this weekend.

We had this tub of coloured letter magnets which we were debating whether to add to the charity shop bag, but I spotted some gold spray paint on a trip to the local DIY shop so thought I'd give them a little uplift...


sprayed gold

stencil shapes

I gave them a couple of coats, and that seemed to do it. I really liked the shapes left behind on the cardboard after spraying.

fridge magnets


Not too shabby!

Monday, 9 March 2015

a bunny for a baby

Here's a little rabbit comforter I made last month for a little one called Saul.
rabbit comforter
It was based on this pattern from Lion Brand yarns, and is hopefully a nice thing for little hands to hold onto.

I just realised I also made a bunny themed present for his big brother a few years ago. I hope they are a family of rabbit lovers!
   bunny & bear

Sunday, 8 March 2015

make the house a home


We have been in our house for just over a week now and it's great. It's been a pretty exhausting couple of weeks what with packing/unpacking/cleaning/etc, but we're starting to get on top of it all now and the place is beginning to feel cosier and more familiar. A nice home.

mini plants

To make it feel a bit more homely while there are still lots of boxes everywhere I've been populating most of the rooms with flowers and houseplants. Just a little touch here and there.

This morning I popped round the corner to the car boot sale and picked up a couple of mini succulents to add to the collection. I planted this super mini one in an enamel espresso cup I picked up from Workshop in Brighton a couple of months ago.


tiny succulents

I also finally got around to planting my little cat Chuppon that I got from What You Sow towards the end of last year.


The little cat drinks through a straw which helps grow the little mint plant that sits in his backpack. It's so cute! I think Lyndsey said they were one of the most popular items in her shop - I'm tempted to grab myself another one next time they are back in stock.

cat chuppon

I hooked the little cat over this little vase that Ben bought for me at Art Junky just before Christmas. Such nice colours!

Oh, and talking of presents, I couldn't not share a photo of the housewarming present my brother Tim brought round for us on Sunday...


He found it in the street on the way to our house (thrown out by a granny no doubt). It's pretty dated but it matched our wall so exactly that we had no choice but to put it up.

And I do like donkeys.