Thursday, 15 May 2008

a book fair

Not many posts of late I know - the weather has tempted me away from the computer and I've been having a very pleasant time in the sun. There is a lot going on in Brighton at the moment with the Festival and the Festival Fringe, and today The Great Escape begins - I'm off to pick up my wristband in a short while and am quite quite excited. I'm going to see iron & wine tonight!!!

So I'm afraid there won't be much from me over the next few days. I'm also quite busy making books as I am taking part in this wonderful book fair next weekend:

It's at the Phoenix Arts Centre in Brighton so if you are in the area please pop along. I've got a stall with some talented folks from my MA course and the book fair accompanies a book arts exhibition which is on at the centre all month - definitely worth a peek I'd say!

So, yes - I'm going to get back to work now...busy, busy. Here's a sneak peek of some things I'm working on though: