Tuesday, 30 June 2009

must say less,
must think less,
must DO more.

Out with June, in with July.
I'm quite relieved.
I'm not sure what it is about June but I had a pretty rotten time last year too...I hope this is not a pattern that will continue to repeat.
(Surely not).

All change tomorrow though!
Good times ahead please.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Today involved ice lollies, cake, cocktails & canapes, a little bit of cycling, a paddle in the sea, a man on a surf board and a floating mystery.

Now I have pink arms and feel a tad guilty for enjoying myself so much.
Tomorrow I will do plenty of homework, and then some work work & that might balance it out.
I'm also going to get up very early for a swim.
This may not happen, but if it does then I'm going to swim at least 1km.
Good plan? I'd say so!

Monday, 22 June 2009

54 miles

Yesterday on my way to the shop I spied many cyclists doing the London to Brighton bike ride. None of them looked very happy, but that may have been because they were on Lewes Road.
Lewes Road doesn't make me very happy either.

Rosie, Yumi and I have decided we're going to do it next year.
And I'm going to smile all the way. Even when we're struggling over Ditchling Beacon.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

fathers day

My favourite ever holidays were in Cornwall when I was younger, driving around in a bright orange camper and cycling on the camel trail.
Once my dad wrote my name on a stone and put it high up in the cliff wall in Port Quin - I wonder if it's still there...

Saturday, 20 June 2009

never eat shredded wheat

Yesterday I took Yumi's feng shui advice and slept with my head at the other end of my bed. Apparently having your feet facing south leads to a better night's sleep.
I'm not sure it worked.
I still managed to wake up before my alarm, at 7am, on a saturday! (bad form). I'll try it again tonight though as maybe it takes a bit of getting used to.

Today I am off to the Achromat gallery in Brighton, which is run by my friend Sam. It's exciting & shiny & new & there is a performance on at 2pm! (Do come along if you're around!)

In other news, apparently it was national shades day yesterday. I'm not sure I actually wore my sunglasses during the day but I'll make sure to wear them a lot today to make up for it.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

breakfast with tiffany

It's national bike week at the moment.
Today I got a free breakfast and a bike pump - good times!
Have a peek here for other bicycle events happening in Brighton this week.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

nudity & nice tea

Today was the day of the naked bike ride.
I did a drawing from memory (as it felt rather wrong to sit & sketch the real event).
It was an interesting sight indeed - the highlights being a naked penny-farthing rider & a striptease from a unicyclist.
One man asked if I'd like to take a photograph of him to show my friends.
I declined.
I think my friends will thank me for it.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

have a heart hat

Yesterday I felt a bit lost.
Then I put on my pigeon hat, went to the fishing museum & drank rather a lot of wine.
I also ate strawberry shortcake without the strawberries & made plans to visit some dachshunds.
Today I feel a lot better.
I don't even mind the fact that my head is pounding.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

square one

This last few days I have:

• Finished my mum's blanket.

• Made many cheese straws and eaten almost none quite a few.

• Cried in too many places: in pubs, in cafes, in cars, on peoples shoulders, in front of the man who came to fix the boiler. It really must stop soon.

...or maybe I can find a career that utilizes this newly found skill?

• Walked and cycled and swam and walked and cycled and walked some more (and still found myself waking at 6am).

• Welcomed a cat into my home, and let him leave again (that last bit was hard).

• Made a plan. A plan to stick to.

Now my head feels like my desk looks - a bit messy and mostly empty.
Hopefully next week will be different.

Friday, 5 June 2009

happy birthday

A photograph for my mum, who will get the biggest hug in the world on sunday.
Enjoy your trip to Kew Gardens!
Lots of love xxx

Monday, 1 June 2009

100 isn't very many

I've just calculated that including today I have 100 days until my final MA hand in. That's doesn't sound like enough to me.
So the above image of my desk is probably going to be my view for the majority of the next 99 days - hopefully with much more work piled up as time goes by though.

red & yellow & pink & green

Colourful bits & pieces:
• New lunchboxes!
• Birthday card.
• Egg laying hen card from the Museum of Childhood
• A lovely handmade postcard map (very much appreciated!!)