Monday, 3 January 2011

11 things for 2011

11 things

2010 was a grand year. There were definitely more highs than lows.
And I did pretty well on my new years resolutions too.

So here are some more for this year:

• Challenge myself - Last year it was the London to Brighton. This year maybe paragliding...
• Make an item of clothing.
• Go swimming more often.
• Read more books and knit (a little) less.
• Draw more. I'm going to aim to illustrate at least one shopping list a week from now on.
• Have dim sum.
• Eat lobster.
• Visit new places (Malta & Berlin to begin...)
• Take a packed lunch to work at least twice a week.
• Make and bash a piƱata. I now have a kit, thanks to Yumi.
• FONDUE!!! (This is an old old old resolution that must be completed).


Kim said...

just stumbled across your blog thanks to lyzi (being little) and I had to just say, definitely visit Berlin! I went this summer and it was refreshing, I want to go back to see more..
I've also been to Malta and it was a stunning little country, very picturesque.

I hope you visit both this year :)

Happy new year! x

Emily said...

Grand resolutions my dear! i can never think of any, but am quite inspired by yours. Knitting a little less definitely might be one!
A happy new year to you dear. xx

A Year in Eggs said...

Fondue has been a long ambition of mine too. I have never tried one.